Running in circles: a trip around the Isle of Wight

Chalky cliffs, curry and camping … Martin Love finds there’s much to discover on a run along the island’s 66-mile coastal path

If you said you were going round the Isle of Wight, most people would presume you were doing it in a boat. And I’ve done that – bobbing along in a day cruiser. I spent most of the time vomiting over the stern while everyone else swilled gin and tonics and marvelled at the island’s crumbling cliffs.

Last month, however, I took a very different route and ran the length of the island’s coastal path, as part of the Isle of Wight Challenge. When I entered, along with my friends Alan and Tom, I imagined it’d be the sort of eccentric and pointless adventure that would appeal to us and about a dozen other social misfits. In fact, we were joined at the start by 1,700 other runners and walkers. Who knew? The gun sounded at 8am on that blustery Saturday morning and all we had to do was follow the endless pink arrows until, eventually, we arrived back at the starting-point, having run 66 miles in a circle. Bonkers, of course, but to us completely blissful.

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