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New Website

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new Travel Tech Consulting Website at With the launch of the new site I will be discontinuing my blog at traveltechnology/ as the new site incorporates my blog, Twitter feed and company information. Here is the new RSS Please visit for more information […]

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Airline Twitter Network Analysis with NodeXL

Travel Tech Consulting, Inc. and Connected Action Consulting Group LLC have put together a brief video presentation that provides insight into network analysis for airline Twitter feeds using the open source tool NodeXL. Network analysis goes beyond simply monitoring brand or promoting specials using social media. Network analysis allows travel companies to understand who are […]

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Thailand’s last unspoilt islands: Koh Kood

Millions flock to Thailand each year, but you can still find quiet, unspoilt beaches on which to do absolutely nothing, as Laura Barton discovers, while Gemma Bowes finds an island escape in the heart of touristy Phang Nga It’s not that I don’t like other people – indeed I would go so far as to […]

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Yes UA Breaks Guitars Does Impact Loyalty

My wife’s Facebook friend recently posted this message declaring that she does not fly UA because they break guitars. I recently spoke at the EzRez Thought Leadership Conference and I mentioned the now famous YouTube video which has received over 8 million viewings. A question from the audience was simply whether people would change their […]

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The Splinternet

Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff recently posted a blog regarding the end of the golden age of the Web and the rise of the Splinternet. As it name implies, the new environment consists of multiple devices with content and audiences fragmented across these platforms.What does this mean for the future of travel distribution? This represents both […]

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Top 10 Austrian village ski resorts

With its precipitous pistes, awesome après-ski and killer cakes, Austria has something for everyone – even those who can’t stand skiing Hardcore skiers go to Switzerland, groups of mates go to France, the budget-conscious go to Bulgaria or Andorra… so who goes to Austria? Those of us clever enough to realise that the picturesque villages offer […]

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IPhone Hits the Enterprise

With eWeek reporting that 70% of the Fortune 500 are evaluating iPhone for the enterprise, the corporate travel industry needs to take note. From my view the debate is over regarding download verses mobile Web. Transcoding your Web page for the mobile browser is still important, but the value of a downloadable app for a […]

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Social Media – Understanding the Community

With the growth of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, social media monitoring and promotion have become a major activity for most travel companies. The goal is to listen to the social networks and respond to issues around a company’s brand. The other major effort is to use fan pages and Twitter feeds to offer limited-timed promotions. […]

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Travel Innovation

As most of you know I was intimately involved with this year’s PhoCusWright’s Travel Innovation Summit. I have been tracking both new media and traditional coverage of the event. I wanted to provide you some feedback from the inside as well as some comments on the overall subject of innovation.First let me acknowledge the hard […]

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Top 10 weather-proof days out

With rain forecast for much of the country this weekend, we recommend 10 indoor attractions across the UK Read more about brilliant British winter days out Deep under Nottingham city runs a fascinating network of Anglo-Saxon sandstone caves. Visitors can explore the tunnels and see how they were variously used over the centuries; experience the […]

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Ancillary Airline Revenue and Fare Families

Over the last few weeks I have given a number of keynote presentations to a variety of airline groups. These audiences covered the entire spectrum of airline types: legacy, LCCs , and 2nd & 3rd tier airlines with speeches in the US and Europe. The airline executives were a mix of e-commerce, revenue managers and […]

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Global View

I am writing from Cannes, France where I gave a speech this morning on emerging technology trends that impact airline e-commerce. I represented PhoCusWright at the conference and I was able to draw on some great stats and trends from a number of PhoCusWright research pieces. This speech was for the Amadeus’ airline e-commerce conference. […]