Malta: The Small Mediterranean Archipelago is a Wonderland for the Tourists

Malta is a small island-country situated in the centre of Mediterranean Sea. The country has a rich historical heritage and charming scenery with warm sunny weather, which can attract tourists from all over the world. Be it a short sojourn or a long vacation, this land is a great holiday destination for enjoying the sun and the sea to its fullest. You can get the thrill of being amidst the historical ruins, while staying in the most luxurious contemporary accommodations. Malta is a great destination to the sport-lovers also, for wide range of sport options including different water sports. This place truly deserves its fame as a travel destination for offering different range of tourist activity and a fun-filled relaxation.

The weather of Malta is amazingly pleasant throughout the year. In the month of July and August, the islands bask in warm sunlight, while January and February offer cooler climate, but not like the chill of subzero. The official language being English, communication becomes easier in Malta, while Italian comes close second. The secluded pristine beaches and the spellbound scenery of Malta attract many tourists, especially the honeymoon couples. If you are looking for spa treatment or massage therapies, you’ll get many resorts in Malta that offer wide range of services. There are also options for family vacations, with children’s play area, baby sitting facilities and different other advantages. Malta can boast over the range of accommodations it offers, from exuberant five star hotels to tranquil rustic farmhouses.

Malta is famous for different kinds of sports events all year round. There is scope for outdoor sports even in winter season. The popular British games like rugby, cricket, football and netball are very common here and number of tournaments are arranged. There are many finest sports facilities and world-class coaching centres in Malta, which provides tailor-made training for the students of different levels. Many rugby tournaments take place in this island-country throughout the year and different sports team arrange rugby tour to this popular destination. A trip to Malta is valuable for young athletes to get the essence of multinational games and take the advantage of warm temperate weather.

Valetta, the capital of Malta has been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1980. Because of its historical sites and glimpses of ancient architecture that dates back to sixteenth century, Malta attracts many international tourists. This is a treasure spot for the archaeologists, as they could conduct many successful excavations. Various artefacts from different historical era were discovered from Malta, like pottery and ruins of temples and buildings of distinct patterns.

The culture of Malta has prominent influence of Greek, Roman and Arabic civilisations, along with French and British marks as a colony of the empires. The island also faced destruction during the Second World War. There are many museums in Valletta, which have preserved the signs of war and architecture, also the classic paintings and fine arts. Apart from the museums, many theatres, concerts, exhibitions, art galleries and street entertainments carry the essence of Maltese culture.

The people of Malta welcome the tourists with warm hospitality. There are different sites to see and things to do in this country. The island is framed against the vast azure beauty of Mediterranean, and has magical sand beaches, where you can participate in outdoor activities or just bask in sun. Whether you plan for a sports holiday or idling in the sea-shore, Malta will never turn down your expectations.

Malta is a small beautiful island-country situated amidst the Mediterranean Sea. The country attracts the tourists from all over the world to visit many historical sites or participate in sports activities.

Author’s Bio: Trevor Forster is the coach of a school rugby team. He has arranged many rugby tour for his students to different parts of world. Trevor loves travelling and has travelled to Malta many times with his team.

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