Cruise into Your Very Own Caribbean Paradise

So you’ve always dreamed of sailing around the Caribbean on your own private yacht. Setting your own itinerary, mooring on deserted sandy beaches and watching sunsets from your private deck. This article explores some of the ways this dream can become a reality without winning the lottery.

All-inclusive crew yachts

The option for complete luxury and relaxation, chartering an all-inclusive yacht with crew is the route to sheer indulgence. With a professional captain and your own personal chef on board, your comfort and safety is taken care of so you can get on with enjoying yourself. All-inclusive yachts are available in a range of sizes making them suitable for a romantic break, family holiday or a getaway with groups of friends. You can even personalise your itinerary while taking advice and recommendations from your experienced captain to ensure you make the most of your holiday.

Sailing yacht charters

Experienced sailors will truly be in heaven with a yacht charter. This holiday allows you to captain your own boat and gives you control over your itinerary. You will find most companies will allow you to add on extras to your yacht charter, from stocking your boat with food and drink provisions to hiring out a professional cook to leave you more time to enjoy your Caribbean sailing vacation. If you don’t want to spend every day in charge, you can hire skippers by the day enabling you to take a break from the sailing every now and then.

Powerboat charters

This is the option for you if you want to explore as much as possible. Powerboats allow you to travel quickly between destinations as well as providing the unbeatable thrill of sailing at speed across open waters. If you’re an experienced powerboat sailor, you can be your own captain and set the itinerary for your perfect Caribbean sailing vacation. Less experienced sailors, or those just wanting a complete break from sailing, can hire a professional skipper to take care of the journey. Available in a range of sizes, powerboats are suitable for small or large groups of travellers.

Flotilla holidays

Flotilla holidays are the perfect option for those wishing to travel in a large group, or wanting to meet new people. Consisting of a group of yachts sailing together, Flotilla holidays are suitable for experienced and novice sailors as they combine freedom with support. Most flotilla holidays will build social events into the itinerary, allowing you to get to know your fellow sailors. You can party the night away with your new friends and return to the privacy of your own yacht afterwards.

Whether you’re a novice sailor or yachting expert, there is the perfect sailing holiday for you. From the social, supportive experience of travelling as part of a flotilla, to the independence and freedom of skippering your own yacht or the sheer luxury of having a full staff, there is something for all tastes, budgets and sailing abilities. A Caribbean sailing vacation allows you to do as little or as much as you want and offers a truly magical experience.

AUTHOR BIO: Katie Leigh is a seasoned writer with a passion for travel. Her favourite destinations include the Caribbean and she recommends flotilla sailing holidays as the perfect way to explore the region.

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