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Serene summer in Finland’s centenary national park

The Nordic country’s newly opened Hossa national park has all the wilderness an adventure traveller – or a bear – could desire In a hide two miles from the Russian border in Finland’s Suomussalmi region, we watch and wait. For centuries, the European brown bear has been pushed by deforestation into increasingly remote areas, to […]

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How to Master the Fine Art of Haggling

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. Considered an integral part of the transaction process in many parts of the world, haggling often throws those of us from lands of fixed prices off-kilter. We walk away from market stands with sweat on our brow, festering feelings of frustration, and vows of restricting our shopping to air-conditioned […]

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Hut stuff: Bournemouth’s new beach lodges

The seaside resort has reimagined the classic British beach hut as a chic bolthole that makes for an idyllic family break When it comes to tourism initiatives, you can’t knock Bournemouth council for ambition. A decade ago, it had the seemingly brilliant idea of creating an artificial surf reef off Boscombe beach aimed at attracting […]