Amazing Hotels Life Beyond The Lobby review … Giles Coren does his dirty laundry – badly

Welcome to the hotel with 9,500 staff – plus Coren messing about on a trolley

Giles Coren is working in the laundry of a hotel in Singapore. (I know, how the mighty have fallen!). His job is to press the pool towels – actually harder than it sounds, and he gets it wrong a few times. He has to place the towel, square and fold-free, on to a fast-moving conveyor belt, which feeds it into the enormous press.

Are you thinking the same as I am? Go on, Giles, a bit closer … oops, a bit too close! The press has grabbed him by his fingertips and dragged him in (screaming, if you like). Then, seconds later, he’s spat out the other end, free of wrinkles, warm, possibly fluffy, certainly flat.

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